Partial Mandiblectomy

Partial Mandiblectomy

With the left bottom jawbone lost to surgery, there’s no longer a canine tooth to corral Blue’s tongue. But he’s still a handsome fellow, don’t you think?

About Scott Abbott

Ph.D. in German Literature from Princeton University, 1979. Then I taught at Vanderbilt University, BYU, and Utah Valley State College. At Utah Valley University, I'm Director of the Program in Integrated Studies and former Chair of the Department of Humanities and Philosophy. My publications include a book on Freemasonry and the German Novel, two co-authored books with Zarko Radakovic (published in Serbo-Croatian in Belgrade), and translations of a book by Austrian author Peter Handke and of a catalogue of an exhibit called "The German Army and Genocide." More famously, my children are in the process of creating good lives for themselves: as a model and manager, as a teacher of Chinese language, as a watershed scientist and science writer, as a jazz musician, as a corrections officer, as university students, and as parents. I share my life with UVU historian Lyn Bennett and our yellow dog Blue. Some publications at
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6 Responses to Partial Mandiblectomy

  1. alex caldiero says:

    it’s a dog’s life….donno if it’s relevant , but it’s true….


  2. flowerville says:

    he is. and yellow flowers to counter the blue. but poor thing. why did that bone need to go? and is the cat better? all our animals are ill at the same time. my cat ate a poisonuous plant, spent an afternoon at the vet for anti-poison treatment (she’s ok again).


    • Scott Abbott says:

      i’ll pass that compliment on to blue. it was an aggressive tumor. the surgeon saved what he could. bella’s fur is growing back. she’s a ball of complicated diseases but seems to be doing well. sorry about the poisoning. as alex said: it’s a dog’s life, and although we don’t say it, a cat’s life too.
      did you see the stupid review of handke in the london review of books, may 22 issue?


  3. flowerville says:

    that sounds quite serious and scary. hope he’s not suffering too much now and won’t in the future….. one says tho curiosity kills the cat, there seems to be something to it…
    i never read the lrb, but aren’t they famous for bad and clueless reviews, such as this one?
    will have a look now.


  4. Jhawk 96 says:

    As a witness to the process (which with cancers ain’t over until it is over…) I have to say that Blue has handled these surgeries (3 to be exact) with the aplomb he exhibited in his previous 3 surgeries; he is content to follow the smells of the land, lick the moisture off all things (albeit now only out of one side of his mouth), and lay at one’s feet snoring and dreaming of a life that continues to move to fruition. Be well my best of companions.


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