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Geneva Free Port Prison

The New York Times today features a piece about millions of works of art stored by wealthy collectors in a “free port” in Geneva for tax purposes. You buy a work of art in New York for $100 million and … Continue reading

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when, instead of planting bluegrass that requires irrigation and a lawnmower and fertilizer and weedkiller, you encourage your yard to do what it adapted to on the foothill of the mountain, you find, as i did this morning, an array … Continue reading

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I just took down the post about the Cover design. It turns out I jumped the gun. I’ll repost when the Press Catalogue is published.

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Wildflowers, Yellow Composites

A relatively wet spring here on the foothills of the Wasatch Range, south end of Utah Valley. That means the wildflowers have been especially abundant. First the glacier lilies, spring beauties, and Wasatch bluebells. Then a sequence of yellow composites. … Continue reading

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Immortal for Quite Some Time

Page proofs.

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