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Ph.D. in German Literature from Princeton University, 1979. Then I taught at Vanderbilt University, BYU, and Utah Valley State College. At Utah Valley University, I'm Director of the Program in Integrated Studies and former Chair of the Department of Humanities and Philosophy. My publications include a book on Freemasonry and the German Novel, two co-authored books with Zarko Radakovic (published in Serbo-Croatian in Belgrade), and translations of a book by Austrian author Peter Handke and of a catalogue of an exhibit called "The German Army and Genocide." More famously, my children are in the process of creating good lives for themselves: as a model and manager, as a teacher of Chinese language, as a watershed scientist and science writer, as a jazz musician, as a corrections officer, as university students, and as parents. I share my life with UVU historian Lyn Bennett and our yellow dog Blue. Some publications at

Hyunmee Lee at the NuArt Gallery in Santa Fe

Lyn and I spent an afternoon during our Thanksgiving break with our friend Hyunmee Lee’s new paintings in Santa Fe, an exhibition called “Epochal Dimensions.” We have lived for a decade with three of Hyunmee’s paintings. I wrote about the … Continue reading

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My Son and My Friend: Birthdays on November 24

This conjunction of birthdays (my son Ben and my friend Sam) leads me, today, to think about friendship and family. Father/Son relationships are difficult in as many ways as they are rewarding. “Your mum and dad,” as Philip Larkin famously … Continue reading

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A Utah Woman

. . . who tried to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband was sentenced to prison on Monday — a three-year-to-life sentence.” The Salt Lake Tribune, 30 October 2018 “The prosecutor said human life meant nothing to her. ‘She is … Continue reading

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En attendant Godot: First Edition!

I was looking through some of my books this week and found this one hiding behind some others: I opened it carefully and found this: A first edition! Published in 1952. I looked around the internet and found copies in … Continue reading

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Great Western Trail: 1000-Lake Mountain

Lyn and I gave a talk about barbed wire last night at Robber’s Roost in Torrey, Utah, invited by the Entrada Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting science, humanities, and arts in the region. Frank McEntire, a remarkable Utah … Continue reading

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Labor Day Memories from the Oil Patch: 1972

These pay stubs are from the first summer I worked as a roughneck. It was a wildcat expedition in southern Arizona, the first well almost two miles deep — just outside of Eloy (between Phoenix and Tucson) — then a … Continue reading

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The Perfect Fence: Upcoming Talk

Flier just released for our upcoming talk for the Entrada Institute in Torrey. We’re very much looking forward to this. [photo credit: Tim Abbott]

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The Perfect Fence: First Citation

Lyn’s and my book The Perfect Fence: Untangling the Meanings of Barbed Wire has been cited . . . in a Norwegian dissertation on opioid addiction. I’m not sure about barbed wire as a symbol of hope or a question of … Continue reading

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Some of Peter Handke’s Notebooks

These notebooks from the Marbach Literature Archive, featured in a new book titled Das stehende Jetzt / The Standing Now / nunc stans

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Summer Reading

  Savoring the freedom of the summer, finishing my half of the book with Zarko Radakovic (We: A Friendship) and writing an introduction to a collection of my essays to be published as Dwelling in the Promised Land as a Stranger: … Continue reading

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