Steven Epperson . . . And May It Be So

For 19 years, my friend Steven Epperson has been the minister of a congregation of Unitarians in Vancouver, British Columbia. Yesterday he led the services there for the last time and I attended church for the first time in who … Continue reading

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Cloud Syntax

Die Obstdiebin / The Fruit Thief Novel by Peter Handke I’ve been reading this novel slowly, a few pages a day, hungry for the complex syntax and Handke’s phenomenological observations. Today I came to the sentence below, complex enough that … Continue reading

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Sage Trembling Feathery

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I just finished Richard Ford’s new collection of short stories, Sorry for Your Trouble. Set in New Orleans, New York City, Paris, and Maine, the stories feature, for the most part, men of means thinking back on their lives. In “Nothing … Continue reading

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June 3, 1951 John’s Birthday

John would have been 69 years old today, only a year younger than I am, a year younger until my August birthday once again makes a two-year difference. He was 40 years old when he died. I was 41. I … Continue reading

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We / On Friendship

This morning I signed a contract with Laguna press for publication of Zarko’s and my book titled We / On Friendship. My half of the book will be translated into Serbo/Croatian. Zarko’s half is already in his native language. They … Continue reading

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Fragments and Totalities

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10 June 1927 Berlin Walter Benjamin, in bed with Asja Lacis on this day, or at least remembering that erotic encounter on this day, or perhaps it is the narrator gathering events and thoughts on this day – in any … Continue reading

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Alex Caldiero on Michael McClure and Little Richard

Reports last week of the deaths of Beat poet and playwright Michael McClure and musician Little Richard moved Alex to these lines influenced, in MM’s case, by the full moon:



To think / this has been going on since / forever 

an event! / an experience! / an action! 

and even my indolence / cannot make up for / what imagination conjures 

nothing going on here that / did not start forever ago 

it’s the moon / who makes us see in sky / what the sun / can only bring in dream 

thus this is the it that / makes unmakes masks unmasks 

the real / transient / untenable 

at the jugular / a life a death 

Some times the moon is/ a crystal ball! 

Tonight, for instance 

the moon is singing / and then / displaying a face within / its face, almost recognizable / a woman? a young man? 

a movie star or an / acquaintance /

     who is it? 

Some nights the moon is

       silvery, as in that song—

who can see it 

     can say it 


8:23 PM 4 May 20


You ask 

you answer 

silence / in the interim 

tolerates neither / question or answer 

who are you / that you should / say? 

what you know / is self-contained 

this need to / be let out 

off course / free &


9:34 PM 4 May 20



Tonight / Moon Full / Light 

Silvery / Crystal / Face 

Look / See who’s / There 

What / Brings it on / Nobody knows 

Who knew is / Nobody known / Forgot 

a face like / any other / but yours 

Yes you say / a part of it / already with you 

Found the lost still / still about to / unless another says it first 

10:15 PM 5 May 20



Last night’s moon

& Tonight’s moon 

A passing 

into Fullness 

And Last night’s 

Face of a beautiful 


Tonight has a 

Name: Michael 


10:41 PM 5 May 20 

PS this morning I found out McClure died yesterday

A couple of pages from Alex’s notebook, writing about the moon, drawing himself drawing himself.


Rhythm / Knows / What / Melody / Will never know

Words / Reach / And / Still never reach

Beat / Hits / Time / Beyond the line

Song / Pulse / Ever living

Not prayer / Not tribute / Not form

Past Blood / Heart Lungs / Open Breath

What mind / Will not name / Leave be

Gone / Back / to Miss Molly!

PM 9 May 20

alex caldiero

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Gallic Noir

Tough times, anxiety high, friends and family without jobs, virus threatening — where does one turn? To French fiction, to Jean-Patrick Manchette’s novels of the 1980s, to Pascal Garnier’s novels from the 2010s. Unlike police procedurals, these promise no final … Continue reading

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Ein (metaphorischer) Spaziergang

Heute in der Natur Vögelnde Vögel beobachtet, Doppelsinnige Sinnlichkeit. Falco sparverius, Natura naturans (danke Baruch Spinoza). Vögeln nur die Vögel? Natürlich nicht. Aber katzende Katzen? Kühende Kühe? Kühende Kühenküsse! Menschende Menschen! . . . yes and his heart was going … Continue reading

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… für Friedrich Hölderlin

The 20th of March 2020 was the 250th birthday of Friedrich Hölderlin. From Zarko´s and my book Repetitions: Tübingen: We decide to spend the afternoon in the garden of the Evangelisches Stift.  Near the Seminary an enamel sign on a strong metal … Continue reading

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