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Stray Dogs and Stateless Babies

This morning’s New York Times prints (digitally produces?) an essay by Aleksandar Hemon and Jasmin Mujanovic about the current demonstrations in Sarajevo and Tuzla. Here’s how the essay begins: ON National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s Best of the World list this year, … Continue reading

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The News from Tuzla and Sarajevo

The news from Tuzla and Sarajevo, Bosnia is not good. People want work. They want an efficient government. They are angry that state-owned businesses that were privatized have declared bankruptcy after having enriched a few exploitative speculators. They are demonstrating … Continue reading

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Dreaming the Southern Slavs

He lay in bed thinking about the new book by Zarko Radakovic and David Albahari, Knjiga o muzici, the “Book about Music.” He couldn’t read it because it was in Serbian. He thought about Albahari’s novel Ludwig, which he had just read … Continue reading

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