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Nina Pops Exhibition in Leverkusen: Cassata!

Zarko just sent the catalogue for the show, featuring our discussion with Nina over good Greek food. Click on the pages for larger images.

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An Essay by Zarko Radakovic on Nina Pops’ Exhibition “Cassata”

Deutsche Welle has just published an essay by Zarko on the wonderful exhibition. Here a photo of the writer and the artist at the exhibition: And click here for the essay (in Serbo-Croatian).

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Nina Pops, Cassata!

Nina Pops’ exhibition Cassata opened last night in a beautiful space in Leverkusen, across the Rhein from Cologne. Pictures of the exhibition can be seen here: http://ninapops.blogspot.de/2015/08/cassata-bayer-kultur-erholungshaus.html

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