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Suhrkamp Verlag’s response to the protests of Peter Handke’s Nobel Prize

Clarifications, materials and further sources related to an ongoing debate


As of: 31 October 2019 

Preliminary Note 

The debate surrounding the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Peter Handke has, in the meantime, grown international. Below, some of the major topics publicly discussed in that debate have been collected and juxtaposed with texts and personal statements of Handke’s, as well as research on his publications.  Continue reading

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My Lucky Day

A letter from Germany’s most important literary publisher!   It’s from their royalty department! I’ll be able to pay off my credit card, or maybe my mortgage. My contribution to the volume, 2.5 pages, gives me a share of the … Continue reading

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“To Duration”: an excerpt

The first few pages from the book, both in the original German and in my translation. To buy a copy of the book from the Amsterdam publisher, click HERE.

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