Peter Handke’s novel The Goalie’s Anxiety (translated with that title by Michael Roloff), with its emphasis on the signs we read and misread to make sense of the world, is a primary inspiration for this blog.

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  1. Dear Scott, thanks for publishing this exact and very intersting report and for mentioning Der SPIEGEL. Just a little addendum: I was the main writer of the piece “Mann gegen Mann” and moreover have investigated the story of the “corpes”-quote. You have left out my name in your list of SPIEGEL-authors, which would no big thing normally, but as this may be my only (and very small) contribution to the history of world literature I would have been flattered if you would have mentioned it also. Best, Sebastian Hammelehle (https://www.spiegel.de/plus/peter-handke-wie-ein-falsches-handke-zitat-um-die-welt-ging-a-00000000-0002-0001-0000-000166490236)


    • Scott Abbott says:

      Dear Sebastian, it is important, I agree, that you be credited for your work and I thank you for the addition. Unfortunately, the entire text I have posted is from Suhrkamp Verlag and not my own to change. Your comment, at least, will stand here now with that text. Scott


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