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Daily Dose of Immortality

John, you left the tradition you must have felt held you captive. Did it feel like you were falling into empty space? You were throwing off the structure Mormonism had provided. The Kiwanis, the chiropractor, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, … Continue reading

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New LDS Restrictions on Children of Gay Parents Make Perfect Sense

Since the new LDS restrictions on children of gay parents were made public yesterday, there have been many angry denunciations against a┬áchurch that punishes children for the sins of their parents. That will change, I think, when people think through … Continue reading

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Photos: Impossible and Embarrassing

Utah has been the surprising site of unthinkable marriages over the past few weeks. The photo to the right is of one of the three couples who brought suit against the state for discriminatory practices related to marriage. Laurie Wood, … Continue reading

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Mormons and Gays

The Mormon Church has just introduced a new website that softens its rhetoric on gay members of the church. One possible reason for ongoing tensions between Mormons and gays is revealed in the first two sentences of the text in … Continue reading

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