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Turkey Talk, Cursive Clouds

Walking today around a familiar loop on the side of our mountain— about 10 kilometers with maybe 400 meters of altitude gain—I stepped off Summit Creek Road (there is neither summit nor a creek, just a developer’s scheme to sell … Continue reading

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Les Yeux Chauds by Alex Caldiero

For my 64th birthday, Alex gave me one of the 25 copies of his new book Les Yeux Chauds, or Hot Eyes. It is a book of portraits, including some “selph portraits” I had seen and admired before. The drawings were … Continue reading

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TSING, by David Albahari

In the tradition of Peter Handke’s Wunschloses Unglück / A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, which is quoted at one point, David Albahari’s Tsing (a novel? a failed biography of his dead father? a set of meditations about writing and memory and loss?) thinks about … Continue reading

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David Albahari’s SNOW MAN

. . . fearing . . . that I would end up stuck here forever, constrained, among people who believe that knowledge, rather than being the mastery of ignorance, is confirmation of the desire that things be the way a … Continue reading

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